69 Corvette Hood Open

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1365351 Installing C6 Rebuilt Transmission Crossmember Problems besides Threshold also  on 69 corvette hood open

1365351 Installing C6 Rebuilt Transmission Crossmember Problems

1365351 Installing C6 Rebuilt Transmission Crossmember Problems besides Threshold also
1365351 Installing C6 Rebuilt Transmission Crossmember Problems besides Threshold also  on 69 corvette hood open


1365351 Installing C6 Rebuilt Transmission Crossmember Problems besides Threshold also

69 Corvette Hood Open

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moreover 1365351 installing c6 rebuilt transmission crossmember problems as well as threshold.
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EMISSIONS. SYSTEM. Not all 19701972 cars were equipped with AIR, as they had been in 1969. Except for cars destined for California, the following were not equipped with AIR and therefore were a joy to behold with the hood open: 1971 350 300, 350 350 and 454 LS5, 1972 350 270 and 454 LS5, and 1972 350 200.Corvettes equipped with the LT1 engine were identified by a special domed hood with outline LT1 lettering surrounded by pin striping, and if the ZR1 package was ordered, cowl induction. RPO ZL1 was a A Fabulous Finish Early production 1969 L88 Corvette engines still had closed chamber cylinder heads, but with the right connections, it was possible to get an engine built with open chamber heads, and one man had those connections—De

Lorenzo..De Lorenzo's '67 L88 had The special highrise aluminum intake below that carb had its internal partition machined down to create an open plenum for maximum highrpm performance. Initial specs for On the L88's breathing end, a unique "air cleaner" (using the term very loosely) fit into ductwork in the hood's underside. The L88s of 196769 (along with the 1969 ZL1) were the only Corvettes fitted with a functional airinduction hood prior to the 1973 introduction of a similar standardequipment design. lavender and Orange fivepetal blossom decals on hood top, roof, and sides, 6"long, 1969 EX $23 NM $35 MIP $55 Jr. Mustang, Buddy L, 9" long, WhiteWall tires, 1971 EX$15 NM $45 MIP n/a Jr.

Sportster,.Buddy L, blue hood and open body, T Corvette, Buddy L, 51/4" long, red plastic W/Mr. T image, 1980s EX $4 NM $8 MIP $12 Police Colt, Buddy L, 101/4" long; bluebody, Whitehardtop, “Police1" on sides; 1968–69 EX$17 NM $33 MIP $50 Ski Bus (VW), Buddy L, 103/4" long, CORVETTE. 196567 Headlamps are controlled by two reversible electric motors mounted under the front hood panel, Fig. 5. Each assembly operates independently and requires individual repairs and adjustment. The headlamps and headlamp motors are controlled by two separate switches. The light A relay and circuit breaker assembly is mounted next to the temperature control lever in the instrument panel on 1968 units and the hand brake release

bracket.on 1969 models.196871 Corvette Fig. 7 Headlight details. 196871 Chrysler & Imperial (Typical) Fig. 6 Superlift shock absorber. ADJUSTMENT (2) CRANK DOOR CHEVROLET 196869 This system uses fixed headlights with moveable, vacuum actuator operated headlight covers, Fig CORVETTE 196667 Headlamps are controlled by two reversible electric motors mounted under the front hood panel, Fig. "Down", lamp cover top to opening; by turning hex head screw fastened to top of pivot link. offwhite seats and interior;1967 EX $20 NM $45 MIP $70 ColtSportsliner,101/4"long;lightbluegreen open body, white hardtop, paletan seats and interior; 196869 EX $20 NM $40 MIP $65 Colt Utility Car, light orange body, tan interior, 101/4"

long;.1968 EX $35 NM $45 MIP $65 Colt Utility Car,101/4"long; red open body, white plastic seats, floor and luggage spade; 1967 EX $20 NM $45 MIP $70 Country Squire Wagon, offwhite hood fenders, end gate and roof, brown woodgrain Our 4 warehouses are open 7 daysaweek. f*AI ICftDMIA local 8056540468 OALirUrf WIM all states 8002353445 Livonia. 12788 Currlo Ct. MICHIGAN Charlotte National Parts Depot PO Box 482. Dept. AN064, Sidney. OH 45365 0482. Ohio residents add b'k% sales tax; U.S. funds only. Allow 46 weeks delivery. Chevelle 196869 396/427 hood $295. Also good small block hood. Want Corvette frame and parts. Travis. 6186845355 (southern II.) Chevrolet accessories, bumper Prewar version with runningboards, but first

reg..1946. Believed unique. Rechromed, recellulosed; new fullylined 3position hood, new exhaust system, valves, etc £625 i 42.TWYFORDST.. LONDON. N.I [Open: Tel.: Tube: I 106 01437 3766 King's X Selected^ Cars 70 DETOMASO Maagutta £3,975 72 CAMARO Z2S £2,775 70 CAMARO Z28 £2,3:5 69 CORVETTE Mako Shark £2,350 68 CORVETTE Mako Shark £2,250 f 66 CORVETTE Stingray, soft/hard ' top £1,675 68 MUSTANG Of the many mean and nasty Corvettes unleashed during the halfcentury history of "America's Sportscar, ' among the meanest was the fabled L88, built in limited numbers from 1967 to '69. Only 20 rolled For starters, there was no radio, heater, automatic choke, or fan shroud to aid underhood cooling. things on

top.was a huge 850cfm Hoi ley fourbarrel carb mounted on an openplenum aluminum intake manifold that totally sacrificed lowspeed cooperation for highrpm flying.

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