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Mini Puck Lamp

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Mini Puck Lamp

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FIGURE 20.4 Halogen lamps offer greater efficiency than incandescent lamps and have more precise beams and whiter color, closer to sunlight. The PAR lamp shown is suited to recessed can lights and works on 120V. Other lamps require a transformer to step the voltage down to 12V. MR lamps are suited to track lights, while the bipin, minican, and puck lamps work well in undercabinet installations. look gray. Due to this problem, even commercial buildings limited the use of The drawback to this placement is that when people are sitting down in the breakfast area or the adjacent dining room, the light source can hit them right in the eye (see Figure 8.7). They also come as a mini recessed or surface mounted luminaire called a puck light.

What.has been on the market for a while now are linear task lights in incandescent or fluorescent versions that mount toward the front of the cabinet. They project a portion of the illumination toward the back splash, which Equinoxe 7 light chandelier #ch 7equ21 and puck lights #rf29, Eurofase (9056952055, eurofase.com). Framed artwork and photographs, Poster International (8003632787, postersinterna tional.net). Stanton shelves #6830079 in white, pink buckets #6720379, magazine rack in white #4527107, Misty dog carrier #7505274, mini cash register #6335756, Marley the monkey #8013609, Lexi the lion #8013583, Ellery the elephant #8013567, Critter frog #6013296, Critter pink These can be found in homes (such as along stairs and in

kitchens).and offices, and are generally controlled from a nearby switch or a switch on the light fixture. These come in the form of slender strips, mini track systems and small recessed or surfacemounted discs, also called pucks. Commercial and industrial Commercial and industrial luminaires are used in a variety of contexts. For example, some architectural projects will utilise high or low bay lighting in large open office Wall sconces or recessed halogens in the corners can provide "fill" lighting that softens the room. A chandelier with a spotlight in the bottom (a few are made this way) can enhance centerpiece flowers. But even chandeliers aren't obligatory. Stegon has just designed a contemporary home with 3inch

minipuck.halogens pinpointing each place setting. The hightech look complements the glass, chrome and black marble the owners chose for the furniture. It's all about matching a t=tAIttpn or six flap ends 01 Bicycle tuck boxes The U. S. Playing Card ($0., H3 Caqnm ('ourg Cincinnati, U.S.A. MARK i RIDER BACK Shine on. [M108 ont ' given rt high, |ll0\\r\n|(,tlu2~ Mill polish to all tuuu:|u.but tho polhh Bar Keepers Friend lstl It Illtrhtne on' It. benefit; all metals. mlnonll wood while clalnlu them. 25¢ l lb rm For sale by fllfil and dulurl. ml 20 lamp for sample to 8% Wlflllm Hoflman. £95 I. Wuhimgnon so. Jndhnnpolh, . mini Artichoke lamp, 82 chromotherapy lights, 200–201, 203 contemporarystyle bathroom, 210

crystal.chandeliers, 72, 89, 116 gentlemen's club–style bathroom, 194–195 halogen, 116–117, 144, 182–183 industrial light fixture, 103 landscape, 180–183, 205 minichandelier, 154–155 natural, 80, 162–163 New Orleans–style kitchen, 109 polished chrome and crystal fixture, 34 puck lights, 144 relaxation therapy–style bathroom, 188–189 sconces, 67, 152 silverwire ball, 176 task, 112 KER space 6 m or Film Puck — 4x 5! pled Rangefinder t4.7127nim. lens' at t__5Peeds from 1 I0 nches For CutF“ . Kalart Deluxe 6°“ . Kodak Coated Elf! 0 l¢fl0ld tripper, less reflector, installed 33.00 , AKLO Heat Filter "Standard" 415 5" for standard base lamps 2.35 0 Spring counterbalance Ba11.bea,i,,g .¢

“.“l.umenar" DeLuxe 7" for standard base lamps 7.15 "Flex Focus" 45A—focusing reflector for mini Action FtlttureFbayonet“bage lafmps .. 5.95 Complete with llex Miniature and subminiature lamps for military. industrial, commercial and special purpose markets. are described in an eightpage catalog. Standard sizes of the lamps range from T1 through T13/4 in lead frame. straight lead, bipin base. flange base, groove base. screw base and slide base (L and 8 type) configurations. Also included Panel mounted versions that switch up to 25 amps include the Mini Puck"I relay. which needs one half the space of the industry standard package.Puck checked his watch. He'd already wasted too much time at

Copperfield's.and it was getting late. He left the strip club and hurried to his minivan, then drove it the short distance to central Hollywood. Climbing in the back of the van, he removed the But now Puck needed more. He sat in the rear of the van at the small work table with its flexible lamp. Around him were taped several of his sketches for tableaus to come. There were also snapshots of suitable candidates, as well as a 

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